Before we get started here, just thought I’d let you all know a little about myself. My name is Samantha, some people call me Sam, Sammie, Sam-I-Am green eggs and ham, it doesn’t really matter to me as long as you know my name. I’m a junior here at Dub-C and currently trying to survive two majors.

I love to make people laugh and tell a lot of jokes (most of which are “That’s What She Said” jokes). I am brutally honest. I don’t sugar coat anything and tell it like it is. I was born in the wrong decade, but still rep my love for black and white movies and rockabilly music in this crazy fast-paced, techno music millennium.

This blog is meant to be an entertaining and informative way to discuss various things going on at WC and the surrounding area.

Future weekly posts will consist of pictures of  campus events, tips to stay focused, and ideas for having fun in the area on a budget. This blog can serve as a sort of “eye-break” from your assignments or a straightforward source of WC news.

Peace and hair grease,