I noticed today as I was sitting in my World Theater B class how often I tell corny jokes. Although they may be silly, and a little bad, my jokes really get a laugh out of people and lighten up the mood. The professor may glance at me for a second and I glance right back with a look that says, “I’m a theater major, what else do you expect?”

I love to entertain and be entertained. Dull moments are just so…dull. I loathe boring things: boring classes, boring people, boring…well, you get the point. If I’m ever in a boring predicament, I simply make a bad joke or a “that’s what she said joke” and all is well.

One should always remember to never take anything too seriously. By this I don’t mean that it’s okay to show up to work in boxers and a tie or do your o-chem homework in crayons. I really just mean to lighten up and live a little. It’s okay to have a little fun once in a while. I promise.



P.S. In need of a laugh and don’t know how to get it? Look in the mirror! Just kidding, that was one of my many bad jokes. But really, check out the WC Improv show Friday night 8:30 pm in Club ’88. Check out upcoming events page for more info.