It’s that time of year again! SPRING! And better yet, spring break is just around the corner. Although it may be tempting, now is probably not the time to slack off. Once we get back we only have a month until the end of the semester. Can you believe it? That flew by!

As my senior year approaches, I realize that I haven’t gotten as much as I wanted to out of my college experience. Which is why this afternoon I inquired about study abroad opportunities the school offered. I met with Shari Henderson and my mind was blown with the different faculty-led programs. I’m not sure I can really afford to study abroad, but you only live once right? Student loans, here I come!

If you are like me and you’ve been at WC for a little while and you still haven’t done all that you’ve wanted to do…well…I suggest expanding your horizons by studying abroad, joining new clubs, taking classes you actually want to take. It’s never too late!

I hope to post pictures of my spring break experience with the WC choir in New Orleans once I get back. Stay posted!

Peace and hair grease,